Your First Home… But Not Your Last

Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 24 7250 144 St. in Surrey has been sold!

We had actually helped the sellers of the property acquire this home back in 2017. As first time home buyers they had a lot of hesitations about home buying that they relied on us to help calmly guide them through. 

We found them this gorgeous town home and they moved in quickly without any trouble or anxieties. 

4 years later, in 2021, they contacted us again to help them sell their home for a profit. Based on word around the market, it was the perfect time to sell and upsize. 

We’re so happy to hear back from clients like this- to know that they have fond memories of us, and can trust in us to help take their real estate dreams and investments further. 

The thing about buying your dream house, is that it’s often not going to be the first home that you buy.

Truest to every sense of the world, real estate is an investment. This includes any residential properties you purchase for yourself to live in- even if you don’t think it is. 

We sold this client’s townhouse for a profit, and they used the money made to invest in their dream home. 

Your dream home won’t always be the first house you buy, and likewise the first home you buy won’t necessarily be your last.

Start investing in real estate at whatever price you can. Grow your investment and use that profit to work up to your dream house. 

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