Will Strata Properties Appreciate as Investments

“I don’t want to buy a strata property because it won’t appreciate.”

Who are you kidding! In this market, any real estate with appreciate.

The average price for a townhome in 2020 was priced at $600,000 and now- two years later- it’s value is worth $850,000.

“But even if I buy a strata property it won’t appreciate as much as a detached home.”

Well you’re right. But waiting the next few months or even the next few years won’t necessarily help either. The real estate market around BC has made a name for itself and that name is very expensive and covered in cash.

Don’t try to talk yourself out of an investment just because it’s not what you expected. Sure you might not be making millions, but are you going to say no to a couple hundred thousand?

The market prices will keep growing higher the longer you wait.

So be real, not stubborn. Any way to get into the market is better than nothing.

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