Life brings about many unpredictable changes, particularly so for our current year, 2020. The coronavirus being a commonality that’s affected all of us.

Our Sold Story today is about a couple who moved to British Columbia from Toronto after selling their house earlier in February. They intended to buy a new home here, but when the pandemic hit things became much more complicated. It wouldn’t have been too difficult if they were only looking for a home, but the real difficulty occurred when the pandemic started to affect the client’s work; the husband’s hours were reduced, and the wife became temporarily laid off.

Now, the problem has evolved from simply finding a new home, to also getting their mortgage approved without a job – which is next to impossible.

Caught in a time crunch, mid-pandemic, and without a job, our clients felt truly at their wit’s end. What they needed was a chance, and that chance came to them when they found Jas online. Understanding their stress, Jas confessed that getting a mortgage would not be easy, but would not necessarily be “impossible”. Having worked closely with mortgage specialists for the better part of 4 years, he had faith in their expert ability and that there would be a way to get this couple their mortgage.

The beauty of this business is that anybody can do easy deals, but there is a whole new sense of accomplishment that comes with making the “impossible” things possible, just to see a smile on people’s faces. These are the moments we cherish.

In the end, not only did Jas find this couple their dream house, but also managed to get them the mortgage they needed. If you’re looking to buy new real estate but find yourself caught in a similarly difficult financial situation, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll help make your real estate transaction hassle-free.

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