This client reached out to J.O. Homes 2 years ago to buy property, intending for it to be used as a development property, and trusted Jas to deliver on the necessary actions that needed to be taken to make this project a success. 

And for those that know, at J.O. Homes, we’ll make sure it happens.

More than just real estate, our team helped this client with his financing, the rezoning, and the development by getting the mortgage approved, finding the financing, attaining a developers permit, and finally, selling the property for a profit. 

We helped this client with every aspect of his development from A to Z, and in doing so this client was able to not only save money, but save his time for things that really mattered. 

We understand that everyone’s day to day schedules will differ, but one commonality we all have is that we are constantly engaged- engrossed with the things that matter. 

When you invest in real estate, consider investing in yourself as well, by saving yourself the time and the hassle by calling Jas Oberoi- Personal Real Estate Corporation and contacting us here.

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