Some time ago a client had approached Jas with the intention of having his house in Chilliwack sold. This was a gorgeous new house, having just been built in 2019, and in all honesty it would have sold very well on that alone. 

But after years working in the industry, Jas knew well enough that even if the house would sell, there could be an even better opportunity if the seller could bear with it and wait for a higher turn in the market. 

Jas gave the client his honest opinion, and suggested they wait for a few months for the market to pick up. The client listened and agreed to the advice to hold off on selling. 

When we finally listed his property in March of the next year, six months later, not only did the property sell but it sold for a deal that was worth $25,000 more than what he was expecting when he first arrived the year before. 

It’s not just about listing a property and selling it, but having a keen awareness of the current market and giving an educated opinion on what to do next. 

At J.O. Homes our job isn’t just to sell your home, it’s to advise you on the best option. Working together means working with a team that has an elite understanding of the industry and honest advice on the market in order to give you the best pay-off.

If you feel unsure or hesitant about the current state of affairs within the real estate industry, don’t hesitate to contact us at 778-994-7450.