We’re Invested in Your Investments. 

We are invested in your investments. 

When our client first came to us 3 years ago, they couldn’t explain much of what he wanted in terms of real estate beyond their goal to invest. 

After our first meeting they said “I don’t know anything about real estate. I just want to invest my money.” 

Based on his requirements we helped him secure this lovely 3 bed 2 bath townhouse unit in Langley. At an award winning master planned community in Milner Heights. Featuring 9 ft ceilings, open concept living, with a south facing balcony, and close to plenty of stores and amenities. 

For the next 3 years, we helped him rent out this location for the full mortgage price. Until just this year when we reached out to him again. 

Those that know real estate already know that the real estate market throughout 2021 has been hot. And it’s also been starving for listings. We reached out to our client and said now is the perfect time to capitalize on your investment. 

Our client placed his faith in the Jas Oberoi Group and in return, we helped him make over $100,000 in returns. 

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