We really appreciate a client who knows what they want, and this client was perfectly clear about his priorities.

This 1 acreage lot and house in Langley was sold by us to this client in 2017, and because he knew the real estate market was doing so well he gave us a call to ask that his property’s value would be today, hoping to make a profit.

When we gave him the going price for his property at the time, this client was impressed and said that if we can sell this property for the full price of its value today while keeping the listing exclusive he would agree to sell with us.

There are often times when clients are motivated to sell their property, but would rather not advertise to the public if they don’t sell their property for the price they are looking for.

We respect that, and at Jas Oberoi Group, we’re not ones to make false promises. So when he told us he’d like to sell this property for nothing less than its full asking price as an exclusive property off of MLS, and we guaranteed that we could, we meant it.

As promised, we sold this property for the full asking price, as an exclusive, and even managed it all within a day .

No matter what your priorities are when it comes to buying or selling property, whether it is price, timing, privacy or more. Jas Oberoi Group is not only willing to take on your challenge, but also able to help you fulfill those requirements. At J.O. Homes, we promise a safe, efficient, and hassle-free process.

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