Patience is a virtue. And in this client’s case, it certainly paid off. 

This client had approached Jas in 2019 looking to sell his house at a very specific price. As nice as it was to have new clients, we had to admit that for the price he was looking for, it would not be possible to sell his house this year.

It would be fantastic to be able to sell his home, and if we had listed it in 2019 it would have sold quickly. But the matter was that the client was looking for a price higher than what the market would have gotten him and we had to be honest about that. 

Instead, the client agreed not to rush, and to wait for our say-so. 

We aren’t looking to instill any sense of false hope. When we put a sign in the yard, it’s not just for show, it means we’re actually looking to sell. Our client was patient and willing to listen to our advice, and within a year he was able to reap those rewards just last month when we finally listed his house and it sold within two days on the market at the highest price in the neighbourhood.

If you are looking for a realtor who understands the market and is willing to listen and give you honest advice to help achieve what you want, give us a call today.

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