We’re encouraged to “think outside the box” when it comes to facing problems.

Which is the same for real estate agents when you’re faced with a seller who won’t allow you and your buyer entrance into their listed and tenanted property.

The clients we were helping today were originally working with a different realtor when they found interest in this townhome. Their previous agent told them there was no luck in gaining access, and encouraged them to look for other options.

There wound up being no “other options” that these clients were happy with and they and that agent went separate ways.

3 months later, there was a real meet cute between Jas Oberoi Group and these clients. They brought up their continued interest in this townhome that they never got to see, and presented the same listing- still available– to us and expressed their vehement interest in it.

We talked to the seller agent and seeing how difficult it was to get a showing, we started to think outside of the box.

The proverbial “box” being the listed townhome of course, and “outside of it” because we were literally unable to gain access to it.

Fortunately, we happened to know the complex well and had even sold a similar unit with the same layout.

Now, there’s an idea.

We made a few calls and organized a schedule to take our clients out to see the unit we had previously sold to give them a taste of the layout and the flow of the home.

They saw it, they loved it, and together we made an offer for the townhouse.

And because the property had been on the market for as long as it was, with so few showings and offers, we were able to negotiate the buying price to a fantastic deal at $30,000 below the original asking price.

There’s always a risk that comes with buying property you haven’t seen, but when working with Jas Oberoi Group, we are helping you take the most educated guess and giving you the upper hand.

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