How to find the Right Price to Sell your Real Estate (The Listing Strategies)

The law of supply and demand also dictates that the higher the price, the lower the demand. And the lower the price, the higher the demand. This plays a major role in forming your Listing Strategies.

There are a few listing strategies based off this information.

  1. Realtors may decide to list your property at a lower price to create a higher demand. The demand could then create a multiple offer situation which drives the offering price higher.
  2. This second option realtors may choose for you is to list the property at a much higher price in order to establish a negotiating price with potential buyers. This could give you more room for negotiation, which could also even out to selling at your desired price.

These Listing strategies would depend of the goals of the clients, the state of the market, and your realtor’s knowledge.

Real estate selling isn’t always determined by the price. But it’s also not completely exempt from the equation either.

When we represent a client’s listing we make sure to always understand their goals; What’s more important to you?

Typically price is the most important factor for a lot of people- and to attain a good price it would depend on the market. If this is a non-negotioable issue, and you are looking for a price that is higher than the market average, then there is a good change that it could take longer to sell your home compared to other properties.

If speed is of the essence, the strategy would be in the pricing. Anything can sell for the right price. For the right price it wouldn’t matter what the market is like, you could easily receive multiple offers.

However the key tells of a good realtor, is someone who doesn’t compromise either or for you.

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