The Difference Between Build Up vs. Livable Space

While they both indicate the size of a home, there IS a difference between build-up space and livable space. If you are looking into a new construction or a presale for a home, being unfamiliar with these terms can give you a nasty shock when you finally move in.

Build-up Square Space

This is the actual square footage of the entire building, including areas which may not be livable. Areas including balconies, patios, garages, and even area that is taken away by the wall.

Livable Square Space

Livable square space is all the area in your home that can be ‘lived in’. Areas that are heated and cooled that you spend your time “living” in.

The Importance

For buyers that have been considering presale properties, it’s important to consider the fact that most developers and new constructions tend to market the buildup square footage as opposed to the livable area. Meaning when you buy presale you may be committing to a home that does not have as much living space as you may have thought.

If you every have resell your property, you will only be selling based on the livable square footage rather than the buildable square area.

For those of you considering presale properties, new developments, or if you’re looking to start building your own home- save yourself from a few easy mistakes and miscalculations by working with us.

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