Being a good realtor means matching your schedule to whatever the client might need. In this case, it was to find a house for her within three days.

Today’s client had intended to move into town from Calgary and happened to find Jas through Google. During her meeting with Jas she mentioned that she would only be in town for three days and, ideally, she’d like to have found her new home by the end of it before she leaves.

Not one to shy from a challenge, Jas immediately made time for her and sent her a series of listings later that day and scheduled showing appointments for all the properties she liked. On the second day, the two of them were already out and about to see the houses that caught her interest, shortening the list even more. And by the third day, she had her decision made and was ready to make an offer.

As we do at J.O. Homes, we helped streamline the process even more by getting her mortgage approved by connecting her to the right financial specialists our team works with.

For those of our readers who need a quick move or for the ones who are coming in from out of town for just a short time, we recommend you look for a real estate agent who is proactive, efficient and has a flexible schedule to accommodate you.

Email jo@jasoberoi.ca or call 774-994-7450 to book an appointment with the right real estate agent today, and we guarantee a hassle-free real estate experience.