The real story behind every real estate transaction

PATIENCE AND GRATITUDE In the real estate business, we are always grateful to and for our clients.  Just a few
PERSISTENCE PAYS There are times where life doesn’t go the way you plan and you just have to deal with
THE TIME IT TAKES TO BUY A HOME Buying a home can take some time.  A lot of stories about
ALWAYS TELL YOUR REALTOR WHAT YOU WANT Not many have this issue, but transparency between a client and their agent
LIVING UP TO EXPECTATIONS The referrals we get from our previous clients mean a lot to us, and we always
BUILDING OR BUYING YOUR “DREAM HOUSE” In real estate, we meet lots of different clients with different needs. This young
THE BEST TIME IS WHEN YOU’RE READY Meeting with a realtor doesn’t mean that you have to commit to a
NAVIGATING MORTGAGES IN A POST COVID-19 WORLD COVID-19 ruined a lot of plans for real estate buyers. Including plenty of
TRUST YOUR REALTOR Patience is a virtue. And in this client’s case, it certainly paid off.  This client had approached
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