Seller's Guide


The First Conference

We’ll first have a meeting with you to determine key information. Such as your current mortgage and financial situation, whether you would like to buy or rent next, what your priorities are and how much you would like to sell your home for.

Preparing Your Home

Next your home will need to be prepared for showings, open houses, and for photos. Staging, cleaning, renovations- ridding the odors, stains. Refining the details. Which will not only help sell your home faster, but give higher value to your home.


Accepting an Offer

We will present you with every offer made. If you are unhappy with the offer you can choose to allow your agent to negotiate the price to your liking. When you accept an offer the property will be officially taken off the market.


The completion is when the property officially changes ownership at the agreed date and time, you accept payment and hand over the keys as well as any deeds will be transferred. This transfer of ownership will be officially registered with the Land Registry.


Final Steps

Congratulations! The worst is over and what’s left is the excitement of moving out of your old house and into your new home. After the completion, your solicitor or conveyancer will send you an account, covering all the costs and disbursements, a well as the sale price of the house and redemption of the mortgage.

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