Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 28787 Swensson Ave. in Abbotsford has SOLD!!!

At Jas Oberoi Group, we are all about connecting the right people together and that became a crucial part of today’s story. 

These clients had already sold their home with us and were now looking to buy and upsize, we set their completion date for 3 months later so that they wouldn’t feel any pressure whatsoever about being unable to find a new home in time. 

From our discussions we were able to get a good understanding of what our client’s were looking for. Their criteria included things such as a spice kitchen, a home built 10 years or newer, 2 suits, 4 bedrooms upstairs, a big backyard for their dog, and more. This may seem like a big criteria, but we love it when a client knows exactly what they want and we are hardly people that shy away from a challenge. 

Over the course of the weeks we took them to showing after showing but couldn’t quite find the right home on the market. 

Which is when the gorgeous and perfect home on 28787 Swensson Avenue waltzed in our lives.

It was like something out of a movie- Our clients were the lovelorn hero looking for his dream girl, 28787 Swensson Avenue was the perfect woman, and Jas Oberoi Group was the fairy godmother that made it all possible.

Jas Oberoi Group deals frequently with off the market properties- which is exactly what 28787 Swensson Avenue was. The sellers had kept their home off the market in an effort to remain discreet. Using our network, we were able to connect the sellers and the buyers- satisfying the seller’s asking price, while remaining in the buyer’s budget without even a bidding war. 

It might seem like a tough world out there, but trust that Jas Oberoi Group can and will find you that dream home- easy, and hassle-free.

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