Clients that work with J.O. Homes receive honest, no-nonsense advice from real estate experts. For this client in particular, it meant having to hear some frank suggestions about investing funds to do some renovations for their listing property.

The truth is, first impressions matter a lot.

Whether you’re on your first date, interviewing for a job, or even buying a house. The first 10 seconds will make a lasting impression that could make or break a commitment.

It wasn’t a very small amount of money to do the renovations, so we would understand if they weren’t eager to spend. However, we were so grateful when they heeded our advice to renovate and the clients, themselves, couldn’t be happier when they earned 5 times the amount of the expenses back when their property sold.

These clients could have sold their property even without their renovations, but being professionals in the field, we knew the markets well enough to see an opportunity on our clients behalf. Work with a realtor who understands your goals and can advise you when, where, and how to sell your property by contacting us here.