Which Asset Class is for you, Real Estate or Stocks?

What should you be investing in, Real Estate or Stocks?

There’s no law stating you can’t do both. That’s pretty cool. 

Real estate is like owning houses or buildings. It’s something you can see and touch, like the home you live in or an apartment building. When you own a property, people might pay you to live or work there, giving you money regularly.

his money from rent can be a steady income. Over time, the property you own might become worth more money than when you bought it.

This increase in value is called appreciation. Sometimes, you can even borrow money from a bank to buy property. If the property’s value goes up, this could help you make more money.

But depending on who you talk to you may have a couple of extreme reactions and bias over which is the better investment. (Not to say we, a real estate group, aren’t going to have bias). 

But if you’re really looking for information on which to focus on, all we can say is that it depends on the person and each situation is different.

When you begin investing, you, yourself, will have the clearest idea what your financials are and what your investing purposes are. 

Stocks are like buying small pieces of big companies. These companies might be ones you use every day, like Apple or Google. Instead of owning a whole company, you own a part of it when you buy stocks. If a company does well and grows, the value of your stocks might go up.

he good thing about stocks is that you can spread your money across different companies to be safer. It’s easy to buy or sell stocks whenever you want, unlike property, which takes longer to sell.

Choosing between real estate and stocks depends on what feels comfortable for you, how long you want to invest, and what you prefer.

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