Jas Oberoi Group is proud to announce the listing for this private 1 acre property at 14124 Crescent Rd. in South Surrey/White Rock has been SOLD!

Everyone has considered building our own dream home at least once in their life. For real estate aficionados, probably a lot more. But building your dream house takes time, effort, and money that in all honesty, isn’t always readily available- or often not all at once.

So for our client today, we helped them secure this incredible opportunity to invest in this rare and secluded acreage on the prestigious Crescent Road in South Surrey.

Surrounded by tall trees, plenty of sun, and a beautifully renovated rancher atop of the land. It was a gorgeous property that could be easily rented out until our clients were ready to build their dream home.

Don’t let your dream home stay a dream. Work with Jas Oberoi Group to help secure your real estate goals, even if it’s just one step at a time.

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