Professionals You’ll Meet While Building Your New Construction

It takes a village to raise a child and it’ll take a community to build a home.

Or so they say, and in the world of real estate construction it really becomes a group effort to build the home of your dreams. So, if you’re looking to get into new constructions these are some of the professionals you need to prepare the meet. 

Land Surveyor

 To start off with, you’ll need to consult a land surveyor in order to get the topography of the land to understand what the slope of the land. From drawings, records and documentation. Land Surveyors plan, and direct surveys to ensure the legal boundaries of your land.


If there is a tree on the property an arborist will be able to tell you if it comes under the property envelope if, if you can remove it, or if it will be affected during construction. They can save you a hefty fine in the long run by also judging if the trees from the neighbors property might be affected by your construction.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers are necessary to check the level of services, where they are at, and the property line. They can tell you if you’re permitted to build a 2-3 level home, how deep the services are, if you’ll require any pumps or more.


Designs, alterations, and redevelopments for any of your constructions. An architect or a home planner will be necessary to ensure that your construction is functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetic.

Structural Engineer

Next you’ll need a structural engineer to plan, design, and oversee the structural integrity of your home. They’re the ones to calculate the loads and stresses of your construction and provide technical consultation- such as the construction materials, building regulations, and project management.

Geotech Engineer

A geotech engineer will be needed to determine the engineering properties of the land and its soil. There wouldn’t be much point to building a beautiful home if the soil below cannot support the house and sinks. Their knowledge impacts the foundation of the property, excavations, and more.

Mechanical Engineer

As far as the construction industry goes, a mechanical engineer will be necessary for the maintenance and the building of all mechanical machines. Specific in real estate would be for your sewage and storm pump. 

Along with these professionals you’ll need to be prepared for roughly 40 different trades people to come in and out of your house to finish the project. Professionals such as electricians, plumbers, painters, and more. 

To those who haven’t had their first experience with real estate construction, the sheer amount of professionals to connect and work with may sound overwhelming. The key is to have trust and a good relationship with the professionals that you work with. So long as you’re working with the right people, the process becomes easy. 

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