There are times where life doesn’t go the way you plan and you just have to deal with it.

The property of the topic today happened to be a truly unique piece of land that made it challenging to deal with, being both Industrial Zoning and an ALR agricultural land reserve.

It was one of a kind, and during the time it was listed, we received plenty of offers for it. But as unexpected life is, these offers kept falling through in ways no one could have really predicted. Either it was a financial problem or it was a mismatch in the allowance for the land.

As a realtor, Jas knew that every property sells if it is priced and marketed properly, and did not lose hope. He assured his clients the same and continued to work on the property, marketing it, and making sure it reached the right people.

In the end, it took 8 months to sell the property but it sold at the perfect price and proved that patience and persistence are key. The things you want in life won’t always come easily, and real estate is the same. There will always be problems, but, for those that are determined and with a bit of perseverance, there is a way.

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