In the real estate business, we are always grateful to and for our clients. 

Just a few months ago we were dealt with a more challenging deal – To sell a townhome for our clients right as BC ordered a lockdown. 

After a few months of dealing with coronavirus, we’ve all become more accustomed to how to run our businesses and protect ourselves. But at the start of the lockdown, many of us were stressed by all the changes and the fear of the virus, and no one was about to come out to see the townhome that was just listed. 

So the house stayed on the market. It stayed longer than originally expected. 

Given the circumstances, many people would have pulled back from these big business transactions. Worried that they would lose out on money given the poor market conditions. 

But Jas was persistent. He assured them that was a plan in place, and that the plan would still work, what was left now depended completely on the patience of our clients. And thanks to their faith in us, we sold their house at a great price and they were able to successfully upsize their home less than a week later. 

Every day we’re grateful for our client’s faith in us, and we make every effort to ensure that their trust is not misplaced. 

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