Obstacles or Opportunities?

Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 328 2493 Montrose Ave. in Abbotsford is now SOLD!

Now more than ever, people are working from home which means the need for double the amount of space. The same goes for the clients in today’s story. 

Just married, with a new work promotion, and now a baby on the way… Finding a beautiful property within their budget for the size that they wanted was difficult to say the least. 

After exhausting the options in their neighborhood, they came to us and we asked “how attached are you to Surrey?” 

Surrey is fantastic, and it is rapidly growing; in real estate terms, it means that options were scarce and prices were high. But with our client’s new work-from-home conditions, instead of stressing about space it also opened our options to more than what was located close to the office. 

In the end, we found the couple a gorgeous 3 bed 2 bath home with an extra den in the heart of historic downtown Abbotsford.  

Within walking distance to the local gym, yoga, eateries, coffee shops, bakeries, breweries, farmer markets, parks and plenty of stores. It’s hard to focus on the downsides of moving cities when everything you need is at your door.

Just like that, we eased the stress of real estate away. We secured this gorgeous new home for our clients for below the listing price- within our client’s budget. 

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