Oberizon Homes – Where Luxury is Redefined

Having been in the real estate industry for six years, the successes of Jas Oberoi Group are thanks to the support of many friends, family, and clients. It’s our hope that those who have supported us will continue to be through this new endeavor.

This has been a labour of love and we’re pleased to announce the new Jas Oberoi venture in Oberizon Homes, where luxury is redefined.

Dedicated to delivering the full range of quality services. From rezoning developments, constructions, and various meetings with the city, architects, and more.

Jas established Oberizon Homes with the sole purpose of providing the highest construction and finishing services. Bringing unique architectural delights to the west coast. Artfully designed to your specifications, with the ease of a team of experts to  tailor your experience. Created with heart, and built with care.

Years of a critical assessment of the surrounding real estate market is what founded the history of this company. Closing the era of conformity and to begin crafting an experience with the exceptional that lasts generation upon generation.

Work with Jas Oberoi at Oberizon Homes to save your time and your energy by leaving everything else to us. Bring your vision and watch it come true.

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