Life does not end with a Pandemic. 

It’s strange to think that BC’s lockdown for coronavirus was only a few months ago when so many of us are already returning to our regular lives. But, when the lockdown had just begun, there were many that were affected in different ways, including this client of ours. 

Set to marry, he was looking to sell his current house and upsize to another, but just as he had his property listed the lockdown began. 

Prior to working with Jas, our client had tried to sell his house with several different realtors but could not seem to sell. Things had only taken a turn for the worse with the lockdown as no one was willing to go out to a stranger’s home or to do any showings. The world seemed to be at a standstill and that’s when this client started to worry. 

Upon meeting with Jas, Jas reassured him that pandemic or no pandemic, this house will be sold. 

When we finally relisted our client’s home, it was sold at almost the asking price within 2 days. 

At its height, no one was sure how badly BC would be affected by the coronavirus and there was a need for everyone to be particularly cautious. But, we made sure to remain level headed regarding business, and vigilant in our health and safety. Life doesn’t wait around for a pandemic to end, and this client had his whole married life waiting ahead of him and such a happy occasion shouldn’t be held back out of fear.

In the end, not only was our client finally able to sell his house, but he was also able to successfully upsize into a new one. 

If you’re in a similar circumstance, where you are concerned about selling during the pandemic, we want to assure you that coronavirus or no, at J.O. Homes we will be able to sell your house hassle-free and at the best price possible.