We first received a call from this client a month ago, sounding completely exasperated explaining that they have worked with other realtors for a full year to sell their house, only to no avail.

They had only come across Jas Oberoi Group by chance and requested that if we were to list their property, we could keep it off the MLS. These clients had some familiarity with the real estate market and they were concerned that the previous failed attempt at selling the property on MLS would cast a negative light on the property.

Normally this might be a cause for distress for some other realtors, but with Jas Oberoi Group’s vast network of clients, we were confident this would not be a problem.

Within 2 days, the home sold for the full asking price.

Truthfully, no matter how long it seems to take to sell your house, sometimes there really isn’t anything wrong with the house at all. It’s all about the presentation.

If you’re looking to sell your home, but prefer to keep it off MLS for whatever reason, we can help.

We’ll find a way to showcase your property in the best light, connect you with the right buyers with our exclusive database of clients, and we’ll get it sold.

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