New to the Game? At Least You’re Not Alone

Who likes to make money? 

Better question is “Who DOESN’T like to make money?”

Today’s story is about our new first time investors. 

There is the popular generalization that real estate investing is a long winded, complicated and confusing industry that is difficult to get started in. It’s true. But not always. Not if you work with the right people.

In 2018 our clients purchased a property with the potential for a subdivision- with our help, of course. 

What makes Jas Oberoi Group different from any other real estate group is that our job doesn’t end there. 

Not only did we help secure this property for our client. We also made sure that the PLA was complete, we helped them get the development permit, and the building permit for the two lots. 

Today, both 8217 and 8221 at 114 St. in Delta, BC are sold.

Mind you, this was our client’s first time investing. He had no idea how to get into the real estate game, and we didn’t just point him at a property and be done with it. We made sure that the property saw its growth to its full potential and maximized our client’s investments. 

There’s no need to worry about managing your property investments when you work with Jas Oberoi Group. Hire someone to manage it, work with Jas Oberoi Group and let us take care of everything. 

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