Let’s be honest, how many people out there dream of owning a home, but are stuck somewhere in the process, not sure how to proceed? 

Today’s story we talk about a client who, like many others in BC, dreamed of being a homeowner. 

When he met Jas, this client had done his own research already but sought out help when he felt it was insufficient. He explained his troubles as a first-time buyer and expressed some of his remaining confusion. So we sat down together with the client to clearly discuss the step by step details to home buying. 

Then the client told us about his greatest concern. Apparently, he had gone to several mortgage brokers for mortgage approval, only to be denied over and over again. 

We assured him this wouldn’t be a problem when working with the J.O. team. A little known fact about getting a mortgage approved is that presentation is the keyMuch of approval depends on how your file is presented to a lender, and for those who aren’t familiar with the practice may feel out of depth. 

Within the next few days, we introduced him to the right mortgage specialist whom we work closely with. They not only helped him to get his financing done but also got his mortgage approved at a fantastic rate.

There’s a certain anxiety that comes hand in hand when buying your first home, and at J.O. Homes we love nothing more than to help guide our clients through that process. Because we know that for many, owning a home is their dream and no one should have to feel as though it is impossible just because they aren’t familiar with the real estate business. 

Rest assured knowing that you can rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team at J.O. Homes to make that dream a reality. 

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