Matty Sepe


“They say to surround yourself with the smartest and most positive people you can”

Which is what drew Matty Sepe to join Jas Oberoi Group.

Matty is the latest addition to the Jas Oberoi team. With a background in digital media and marketing, they bring new ideas to the table which will help carry the Jas Oberoi Group from now, into the future.

For Matty, they find purpose in uplifting others and their passion for their work is boundless. Having attended Emily Carr University for digital media, and BCIT for Small Business development, they have the skills and creativity to support Jas Oberoi Group by sharing things from an unconventional perspective.

Avid entrepreneur and creative director, Matty is the founder of the Vancouver based streetwear brand Alien Co. and spends their spare time bringing out the alien in all of us.

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