Make the Educated Choice

What do you do when there’s not one, but two perfect homes to choose from?

Do you know? Because our client wasn’t sure.

Today’s client was an educator who’s moving back to beautiful BC from Alberta. She had been dreaming about becoming a home owner for some years now and we were very fortunate to be her partner in helping her make her dream into her reality.

As a first time homebuyer, there are a lot of uncertainties that we were happy to clarify for her. In the end, we found two gorgeous homes for her.

What can we say, Jas Oberoi Group is just that good.

Caught between two ideal homes, she couldn’t seem to decide which would be the best for her. Rather than let our client struggle alone over her choices, we gave her our best advice.

The two homes each had their pros and cons that roughly equaled one another, but there was one glaring point that would make this a tie breaker.

At the height of spring there was an explosion of buying activity and an incredibly regular amount of sellers. Meaning almost every listing had a multiple offer bidding war due to lack of supply. Which was also the case for one of the properties that our client was interested.

This was heavy indication that the price for this home would be driven considerably higher than the listing price.

The second home however, was taking offers as they come. which doesn’t indicate if one was better than the other, but it does leave more room for negotiation.

We told her, we’ll submit an offer to both homes. But because their prices may vary considerably, we garuantee we’ll secure her the home with the better deal.

And as you see now, our client is now the happy new homeowner to a beautiful newly completed 2 bed 2bath 873 sq.ft home in Maple Ridge just like she wanted.

Decisions are difficult to make, but it’s better that you make an educated decision with Jas Oberoi Group.

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