The referrals we get from our previous clients mean a lot to us, and we always work to make sure we can live up to the expectations set on behalf of those glowing reviews.

Today’s client was a first-time buyer referred to us from one of our previous clients. Typically, first-time buyers will have anxieties and questions about real estate. We were more than happy to take on the task of educating and answering any curiosities they might have about buying their first property.

And sure enough, when we first talked to this client over the phone, he was nervous- but to our surprise, he was also very prepared. 

In some previous posts, we’ve talked about why hiring a realtor helps, and what are the things to look for when interviewing a real estate agent. Whether or not this was this client’s intention, he had prepared some very similar questions and held an in-depth interview with us that lasted an hour long. 

It was clear to us he had very specific needs and interests for the property he was looking for, and despite his concerns, he had done his due diligence. It was only after several meetings and satisfying all his questions as he prepared to sign on to work with J.O. Homes.

And we’re happy to say that just as the photo above shows, we managed to find a beautiful home that fits all of his requirements in no time at all.

Not every client will have the same needs, but regardless of their level of preparedness or differing interests, we are always glad to help. Such as in this case we’re happy to live up to, not only the expectations set from our previous clients but also our new client’s personal standards.

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