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I love Real Estate, it’s my passion and I am determined to provide the best services to my clients an all aspects. Hi, I am Jas Oberoi A Real Estate advisor and I am here to help my clients and not to do a Business Transaction with them.

My goal is to always provide my clients a real estate experience that both meet their needs and exceeds their expectations. For me it’s not about being there for 1 home purchase or sale it’s about getting to know and developing a relationship with my clients. Going through a Real Estate transaction is a very personal experience and I always want to put myself in my clients Shoes. I want them to come with their questions and it’s always a great honour when clients entrust me with business or their friends and family.

What’s great about my business is helping people move on to their next adventure whether it’s a bigger house and more kids or selling their home so they can retire to beach somewhere. I enjoy helping people an exciting change in their lives and that for me is why is I love what I do.

It’s not a process of contract and close. It’s after closing that’s most important to me and that’s the difference.

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