Jag Chahal

Jag Chahal

Real Estate Professional

“Hello lovely people!”
Hardworking, courteous, and ambitious, our new team member is driven beyond expectations and an excellent communicator. Jag embodies the motto that one must always be true to themselves and to respect other people’s time as it is the one thing that cannot be given back. In her belief she’s learned not only to play hard, but the importance of playing smart.

Numerous years in customer service has introduced Jag to all sorts of personalities and in turn has made her stronger and more outgoing. Born in Maharashtra, India and raised in a Sikh family. She is proud to say that she is fluent in Punjabi, Marathi, English and Hindi.

When you work with Jag, you will know that you are working with an honest and diligent realtor who is dedicated to finding you the perfect home and keeping things light hearted along the way.

Contact Jag Chahal anytime for any of your inquiries and she can assure you that your time will not be wasted.

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