Investor Tip: BC Real Estate Market Insight

Congrats! As of June, 2021, in BC the market has finally slowed down now and is on a downward trend compared to January and February!

You might be wondering why that’s worth celebrating, if business is low, and we’ll tell you why. 

When the market is hot and everyone is buying, they are fighting and bidding over a few properties because the demand outweighs supply. 

The best time for Investors to buy is when nobody else is buying because it gives you better leverage and more room to negotiate. 

We suspect that this trend of lower activity will be temporary. Now that the vaccine is out, more people will be out, more jobs will be filled, and overtime immigration will open up. 

These are all factors that could indicate another surge in home-buying activity soon.

So to the investors out there here’s my tip of the day: Buy when nobody else is buying. Take advantage of the low tide and make your investments today. 

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