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Jas Oberoi Group is pleased to announce that 9635 137 St has officially SOLD!

A few months ago our client reached out to us in distress. 

We first met in 2019 after helping them secure this commercial medical building as an investment with a national tenant occupying for 10 years. 

They explained that in the height of the pandemic, the tenant wanted to to break their lease agreement and move out of the building. 

It was a very difficult time for many business owners and subsequently many commercial investments took a hit. 

Our client called us for help. With us back in the picture their worries were eased. Not only did we negotiate with the tenants on our client’s behalf, but we also got our client’s the full amount of what the expected penalty fee would be. 

After sorting out the rental issue, we remarketed this property for lease. It wasn’t easy. With the pandemic ongoing it was hard to find a suitable tenant for such a large building.

Offers that came in weren’t to our expectations and we took the opportunity to strategize. After careful consideration, we convinced our client that the best strategy here would be to put the building back on the market to sell. 

And here we are, not only did we sell this building, but we helped our client make a handsome profit from it. 

Investments don’t always go according to plan, real estate is the same. But when you work with the right people- you’ll find that there are always new opportunities. 

Work with a group that won’t run out when problems come. We stood beside our clients and made sure that they got the profit they were looking for. 

That’s the beauty of working with Jas Oberoi Group. 

And on top of that, we never even marketed this property on MLS.

This was a Jas Oberoi Group exclusive listing.

If you are a seller who is looking to sell your property without any attention from your neighbours or family or anybody else, look no further. 

Jas Oberoi Group has a track record of selling properties exclusively. 

We promise you will not be disappointed. 

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