Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 1551 160th St. in South Surrey has SOLD!!

Have you ever heard of the saying too many cooks? 

The same applies for real estate transactions. The more and more people involved the more difficult it gets. ESPECIALLY in light of our newest pandemic (congratulations to covid-19 for it’s first and hopefully last birthday). 

The clients selling this property happened to have tenants living in this home, which generally makes scheduling and showings more difficult. Which is understandable, afterall everybody has their own lives and their own agendas. 

However, when these tenants heard that the house would be selling, they raised a rather important concern. 

“We don’t want hundreds of people coming in and out of our house. We don’t feel safe.”

We had assured them that we along with the potential buyers would be following every Covid and health protocol in place to keep them safe. 

Their worries were not assuaged. 

Rather than make up excuses to our clients- telling them we can’t sell their house like this- or forcing the tenants into an uncomfortable situation. We started thinking outside the box. 

Jas Oberoi Group has been in the industry long enough to know that the majority of the value of this property is the land that it sits on, and less so of the house itself. So we started by marketing the photos and the details of the listing without any dates for open houses or for viewings. 

We put up terms and conditions and the price forth to buyers that were interested and explained to them that if they were interested in viewing the inside of the property, they would need to submit an offer with a “subject for viewing” condition in place. 

This way, we could filter the amount of people coming in and out of the property- and refine the amount of buyers to just those who were serious about making a purchase. 

Sure enough, we found someone who fit the criteria perfectly- And by getting a little creative we sold our client’s home for top dollar, while keeping the tenant’s concerns in mind. 

Call us today and start making the right investments. Choose Jas Oberoi Group for a hassle-free real estate experience.

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