How to Handle Multiple Offer Situations

To the real estate buyers out there, you should already know that the market for real estate has been hot. It seems like almost every house listed is a multiple offer situation, so how do you win the house of your dreams in a multiple offer situation?

  1. Be Aggressive
    Currently the real estate market statistics for 2021 has shown a consistent surge in buyers, without any change in the amount of sellers. This means that the market out for homes is more competitive than ever before. When you make your offer, make sure that it’s your best offer. If you really want the house you’re looking at, it’s better to overbid the others than lose out by just a thousand dollars.
  2. Be Smart
    Most transactions are done in cash offers at the moment. There is no time to leisurely wait for a mortgage or inspection. If you’re serious about your offer then be prepared to have the property inspected, make sure your mortgage is pre-approved and have it all ready before you submit your offer.

If you’re ever worried about overbidding too much for the house, rest assured knowing that the way the market is, the prices in the market will catch up. And if all of this sounds too overwhelming for you, then give us a call.

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