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Jas Oberoi Group Is Happy To Announce That 34668 2nd Ave. In Abbotsford Has SOLD!!!

Today’s client happened to be an old acquaintance of ours, he was familiar with our team and came to us earlier in the year looking to sell his home for a specific amount.

It wasn’t a small amount.

As professionals we have to be honest with the clients and told him that realistically, we could not sell his home for such a price with how the market was at the time. Instead, we told him we would keep an eye out for the market in his neighborhood and whenever the real estate market reached a point where we could guarantee the price that he wanted, we would contact him.

After all, it’s not our job to lie about the market and push our client to settle. And it’s not our client’s job to look out for the market- it’s ours. Some people have those notions mixed up.

At Jas Oberoi Group, you know that we will be completely transparent with our clients about their home and the state of their market and experienced enough to know how to get you the best results.

We managed to sell our client’s home for $200,000 over their asking price which is exactly what they wanted.

Read about how we found them their perfect new home here.

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