First Time Home Buying

Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 406 – 13740 75A Ave is now SOLD! 

The client today is a young first time home buyer who has always dreamed of being a homeowner.

They had met with us early 2020 and we discussed their current situation and their objectives. We disclosed that at the moment it would be unlikely for them to find the home they are looking for until some additional financial preparations were made.

We walked over the step by step process they would need to take. They prepared and a year later- we met again and started earnestly looking for a home. 

In spring 2021 it was a difficult season for buyers in the real estate market. Activity and prices skyrocketing, our client didn’t feel comfortable or confident in any of the homes. Nevertheless, we didn’t give up, we remained patient and considerate of our clients needs and prepared for the right opportunity. 

Before the end of the summer, we’d found them a lovely penthouse unit with vaulted ceilings and for a very attractive price. Since then, we’ve arrange painters, cleaners, electricians, and other professionals for all of their renovation projects.

When you work with Jas Oberoi Group, know that you’re in the hands of experts who are ready to guide you through your home buying journey.

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