Faith in Your Realtor and Your Translator

Jas Oberoi Group Is Happy To Announce That 19619 Wakefield Dr. in Langley Has SOLD!!!

Today’s client is a lovely woman who was interested in upsizing her home from a townhouse to a stand-alone. Being a Chinese immigrant mother, her English was limited. Normally she would be able to rely on her daughter to help translate. However, as a university student, the daughter was also busy with schoolwork.

Therefore, despite our client’s interest in buying, she had anxieties about finding a reliable realtor to work and communicate with.

Jas Oberoi Group prides itself in many things, one of which is it’s growing diversity. We assured this client that our team had a mandarin speaking member. Who would be willing to help translate and accompany her throughout her real estate transactions.

Her worries with communication now assuaged, she then explained how she was only interested in buying property first. Not selling.

Typically at Jas Oberoi Group we recommend selling the property first before buying. But we’re also confident enough to know we could secure this client her buying home first before selling without any issue.

That week we set out to several showings in her desired area and found the perfect home that same day. But winning your dream home isn’t an easy task, especially a few months ago when every property had multiple offers.

On the day of the offer presentation the listing agent told us that there were over 40 offers for the house.

“There’s no need to panic.” We assured her.

We had done our due diligence on the area and disclosed our findings and suggestions to our client on what she should be bidding. Thankfully she trusted us and our expertise without doubt and at the end of the day, she became the new owner to that perfect home she had been looking for all this time.

At Jas Oberoi Group, we want to do more than buy and sell real estate, we work to guarantee you a hassle free experience with experts.

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