Real estate can be difficult to manage. And for those investing or managing property from overseas, you never know when unforeseen problems may arise and make things even more difficult.

Our client today is an off-shore seller living in Australia, who contacted Jas about selling an apartment they had owned. The “unforeseen problem” was when we were met with the woman who had been renting from our client and living at the property for 10 years.

When she and our client had talked briefly, she was under the misconception that the moment the apartment sold, she would be left without a home and nowhere to go. She became vehemently against our client selling. Going as far as to disallow any access to the apartment.

Upon finding the root of the issue, Jas gently explained to the renter that selling the property would not mean her immediate eviction. In fact, we would give her three months’ notice, a whole extra month for her to gather her affairs and look for a residence elsewhere.

Following that, we were finally able to show the home and went ahead with some repairs and touch-ups out of pocket in place of the client.

For those “out-of-town” property owners, it’s important to trust that a realtor is patient, knowledgeable, and can calmly resolve any unexpected problems that may arise on your behalf. If you have any similar concerns regarding buying or selling, we promise an efficient and Hassle-Free experience.

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