Different Strategies

Every property is different. 

We’ve mentioned this before, and we’ll mention it again. Every property is different, and that means they can require different strategies in order to maximize their selling potential. 

Our clients in today’s story had been trying to sell this particular property over and over again with other realtors for 2 long years- the most recent being just earlier this year.

This property was originally going to be an investment, and the owners were in the process of having a home built. Partway through the project they had a sudden unexpected halt due to personal reasons. 

Eventually, it became more of a liability to hold onto the property, despite all the work and money that had been invested already. 

When we spoke, they emphasized on their desperation to sell the property. They were happy to just make back the money they had put into the property without any other preamble. 

And after 2 years of stress, anxiety, and financial drain we were able to sell their home within 24 hours for a huge profit. 

Every property is different. 

And it’s never really the fault of the market or the property on why it cannot be sold- It’s about strategy and communication. 

The reason why we could sell this property in 1 day while other realtors couldn’t is because we did our research. We looked into exactly how much capital has been already invested and the amount of savings any future investors would have. 

We did our best to do justice to the property on behalf of our clients. 

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Hear how it happened from this testimonial of our these clients in the video below!

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