Things can change rapidly in real estate. 

When this happens in life, it can be jarring. Things that you’re absolutely certain of, changing in an instant, and you’re left scrambling to reorder your plans. 

With this particular client, selling their house had been smooth sailing. In early discussions the clients had decided that following the sale, they would rent. However, within a month before the completion of her listing property, she contacted us once more asking to help her find a home to buy. 

Suddenly, we were rushing to show her homes, trying to find the perfect property, submit the documents, negotiate with the sellers, and figure out the financials all with a deadline. 

Having had a good understanding with the client, we were able to quickly recognize what their priorities were and found a marvelous home within 2 days. 

When you work with a realtor who can really listen to what you are looking for, and someone who truly understands the market, sudden changes of plans are not an issue. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell with a deadline, give us a call and we’ll make it happen in 20 days, hassle-free.