Marketing Manager

Equipped with a diverse skill set encompassing photo and video editing, media design, journalism, social media, and more, Claudia’s passion spans all realms of art, from capturing moments through visuals to crafting captivating prose. Throughout her journey, she discovered that her true calling lies in generating innovative ideas that blend creativity with a deep understanding of others’ needs.

Through her collaboration with the J.O. Group, Claudia finds fulfillment in combining her love for aesthetics with her passion for real estate. Her work not only allows her to excel professionally but also serves as a platform to express her boundless creativity.

A self-proclaimed minimalist, Claudia embraces simplicity in her life. She finds joy in relishing delectable cuisine, cherishing moments with her beloved beaglier puppy, and embracing experiences that evoke both fun and horror.

While you may not have the opportunity to work directly with Claudia, her influence permeates the essence of J.O. Group, leaving an indelible mark on its distinguishing characteristics.