Our real estate group deals with a lot of growing families, but what we don’t always talk about is a family growing old.

To those with elders in their family, we know that when looking for a new home it’s important to consider all possible avenues in order to provide the best living quality and environment for our loved ones.

Theses clients were the same, having parents that were now seniors, they needed a place close enough to be a walking distance away from the mall and the temple, and in an area nearby to their other friends and family in the event that they would need any help or extra care.

They came to us with their research findings and told us very honestly that they would like a home in this specific complex.

Jas Oberoi Group prides ourselves in helping families achieve their dreams of finding the perfect home, no matter what. And sure enough we helped this family find the most lovely 3 bedroom condo in the exact complex they wanted in no time at all at 6628 120 St. in Surrey.

You’re not just investing in real estate when you work with us – When you work with Jas Oberoi Group you’re investing in a commitment to you and your family’s happiness.  

At J.O. Homes, we promise a safe, efficient, and hassle-free process. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more “Sold Stories”, or contact us to start investing in yourself today!

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