Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 4860 Empire Drive has SOLD!!

Let’s begin with a big shout out to the budding builders who know that there is a lucrative business but aren’t quite sure how to get their foot in the door. 

The answer, my friends, is simple; Work with Jas Oberoi Group.

At Jas Oberoi Group, we do more than just finding you a property. We are a team made up of advisors and consultants dedicated to imparting transparent and honest advice on how to best invest- and we take pride in our vast network of other industry professionals to help connect you to the right people. Experts such as engineers, architexts, land surveyors, lawyers and more. 

Building an Empire takes time- and for this client of ours, he started paying his time 3 years ago when he started working with us and 4860 Empire Drive will now be the 6th property that they will be buying and building over on.

If you have the interest and skills in building, developing, or house renovating but you’re not quite sure where to start then we can help. 

Everyone starts somewhere, but it’s not always easy to figure out where that start is. 

Contact us today.

Work with Jas Oberoi and we will be happy to guide you through the real estate process and connect you to the right professionals. 

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