Every client has a different checklist of things they are looking for when buying a new home. Some want large windows, or a gorgeous kitchen, or a private study to work from.

But for this client it goes beyond finding a home that fit their requirements. It also needed to fit the criteria for their bulldogs and the Canadian Kennel Club.

To officially (and ethically) breed dogs, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Requirements that normally would be more flexible for others become strict necessities for our clients. Such as the size of the lot, the state of the yard, and a quality shed to keep their dogs sheltered no matter the weather.

Additionally, these clients were set in looking for a home in a particular neighborhood for their exceptional family, which in all honesty, made home buying seem a little challenging to them.

Thus, they were surprised when within a week of signing with J.O. Homes, we were able to find the ideal home for a fantastic price for our clients.

If it’s a challenge, then bring it on. If you’re looking for something particular and your checklist is too long- bring it to us, and we will make it possible. No matter how difficult it seems or how challenging it may be, when you work with J.O. Homes real estate becomes hassle-free.

Call or message us by clicking here today, and we’ll help make your real estate dreams come true.

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