Cold feet isn’t something limited to winters or weddings.

When it came to this particular senior client, she could not settle on whether or not she wanted to sell. She’d been living in her one-bedroom townhome for a very long time and had frequently thought about upsizing. But no matter how badly she wanted to move, there was an equally large part of her that was held back by fear. Fear of not being able to find a suitable new house once she sold her current home. 

At J.O. Homes we pride ourselves in a Hassle-Free selling process. We then sat down and had an honest conversation about the reason why she wanted to sell and calmly talked her through the process. 

Feeling a little more settled, our client finally felt ready to take this leap of faith with J.O. Homes.

It was fortunate that she did too, because not only were we able to sell her townhome at the full asking price within two days, but we were able to find her a wonderful new home within the very next week.

In situations where a client may feel anxious about parting with their old home, or uncertain about what may await them next, we are prepared to have a calm and honest conversation. Whatever your reasons are, if you place your faith in us, we at J.O. Homes promise an efficient and Hassle-Free experience.

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