Not many have this issue, but transparency between a client and their agent is important.

A recent buying client of ours did this wonderfully. Though our meeting was entirely coincidental, he had worked previously with other realtors with no avail. By the time we met, he had all the specific details prepared for us about what he was looking for, where he was looking, and what his maximum price was.

Not all clients will share this, as not many have this readily available. This is fair, as not everyone who wants to buy or sell real estate will know exactly what they are looking for. It’s our job, as the professionals, to help guide others through the process in order to better understand what the client’s boundaries are.

When clients share with us their “maximum price”, it isn’t to say that that will be the sale price when buying a house. As the realtor, we always aim to get our clients the best deal; for buyers, it means we work to achieve the lowest price. In the truest sense, it is solely to set the boundaries and to understand limits.

But in this client’s case, he was very clear. It was with his help and his faith in us that we were able to do what his previous realtors couldn’t, and help him find that dream house as quickly as we did.

The moral of the story is – “Always tell your realtor what you want.”

At J.O. Homes we pride ourselves on our rapport with our clients. We hope to foster a working relationship where they can trust us with their wish and have confidence in us to deliver.

Work with a realtor who will get you what you want and call Jas Oberoi and we guarantee a “hassle-free” experience.