Our Client’s Best Interests

Jas Oberoi Group is happy to announce that 190 San Juan Place has been SOLD to our lovely buyers. 

Our clients were a beautiful family of three who were looking to upsize. While browsing homes we happened across a familiar house. 

A month prior to helping our buyers we had been working on behalf of another client to sell their home. Which was coincidentally 190 San Juan place, the very home we were looking at now. 

What Happened?

During our previous partnership with the sellers of San Juan place, they expressed their interest in selling their home for a very specific price- a high price, that was above market expectations. 

We pride ourselves in honest advice, and securing the best value for our clients. This includes home selling. However, if something is unlikely to happen we will be honest about it as well. We conferred with the seller multiple times that the listing price of the home needs to be reduced. But this only led to the end of our working relationship out of his dissatisfaction with us. 

A month later, we were at his door visiting his house with our buyer. He was now working with a new realtor who had listed his home at the reduced amount that we had originally suggested him to list at. 

We were no longer representing the seller thus we had no obligations to him and we acted on our buyers best interest. 

Therefore, we did what was best for our buyer and we wound up purchasing this home for $30k less than their asking price. 


The same seller has since approached us and we are now working together again to purchase his new home.

It’s not only about buying or selling your home at the right price – it’s about working with the right realtor who can capitalize on the best potential. 

Work with realtors that understand the trends and can get you the best results.

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