Jas Oberoi Group is pleased to announce that 19339 71 Ave. has been sold! Developers and builders will know that finding a development property for a single family lot in Surrey is next to impossible right now, especially ones which are ready to go. Such as this one. Luckily for our clients, they were working with experts in the Real Estate industry. (i.e: Jas Oberoi Group). Not only did we help our clients to find a ready-to-service property, but we also took the initiative and lined up their mortgages as well. There are times when deals are easy, and other times when deals are hard. Circumstances will change from person to person and this transaction was unique in that the completion was firmly scheduled to be within 30 days. That was the deal breaker. To people who are familiar with commercial mortgages they know that getting that mortgage approval within 30 days is tough to say the least. But the beauty of working with Jas Oberoi Group is that we welcome these difficulties and challenges with open arms. Not only are we a strong team of realtors, but our group works closely with capable mortgage lenders, appraisers, who are quick and masterful in their work. If you’re in the market, looking for a development property, don’t be shy about whatever your circumstances are and give us a call. A single call to Jas Oberoi Group could be enough to make you millions.

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